Friday, September 8, 2017

TLS 0.29.4 Public Release


*Requires RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be installed. If you don't know what that means, use the RTP link.

Version 0.29.0
 - Another double update, both the end of the war and the aftermath.
 - Four new plot sex scenes.
 - Six new affection sex scenes.
 - Decided to increase the speed of buffing skills and trialed it on Carina's. Report if you like it and I can use the same style for other skills that target the entire party.
 - The new section of the game involves splitting the party into three groups for one dungeon. This is only possible thanks to the scripting work of Decanter. Huge thanks to him!
Version 0.29.1
 - Some polishing, removal of serious Hilstara bug.
Version 0.29.2
 - The orc summit has been made somewhat easier.
 - Hilstara's sequence has been made harder.
 - The number of reserves during the aftermath has been reduced.
 - This section has also been modified to eliminate some bugs, but more checking is necessary.
 - Riala's skills have all been compiled into a single menu.
 - The Unsuccubus Mass image has been improved (thanks to Decanter!).
 - All party buffing animations improved and sped up (thanks to CyberForte!).
 - Many minor bugs/fixes/improvements.
Version 0.29.3
 - Reviewing the entire war, there have been a number of tweaks to improve the overall balance.
 - Though I kept the reduced reserves, I made the instability penalties less punishing. In theory this will nudge games away from both extremes.
 - The results of the investments have changed in multiple ways. They are generally more beneficial to the player, so you may want to replay the very end.
 - Thanks to Decanter, we have an edited chapter four title card. Now hopefully more people will read it right at first glance.
 - Riala's sex skills have been given new animations and slightly rebalanced.
 - The usual bugs, typos, and polishing.
Version 0.29.4
 - Fixed several invisible but nontrivial mistakes involving hidden variables.

Alright, everyone, this is the official public release of this version as well as the end of the third chapter! As you can see, the war has undergone a lot more rebalancing than a normal release thanks to all the new sections and different kinds of challenges. I also feel that some of the initial values I had for the investments and consequences weren't quite right, so I've modified many of those. Hopefully this version gives you some hard choices and challenges but is still fun to play!

With this chapter complete, I will be taking a break to work on a short new project, to refresh my creative energy. After the last chapter I created Ouroboros, for example. I will be saying a little more about this in the future, and you can count on the roadmap to the end of TLS being made public soon, but for now, please enjoy the release!

EDIT: The links have been updated to version 0.29.4, which makes a number of invisible changes. While these are not generally critical, if you did reasonably well in the war but received zero social capital during the aftermath, you definitely want to replay that section.